We at Homepride are lucky enough to work with some fabulous bakers across the country and so we have set up a group we call the Homepride Bakers.

This group of talented cooks uses Homepride to create fantastic things and will be able to help you to bake better with recipes, videos and tips.

Let's introduce you...


Michelle Evans-Fecci

I’m Michelle Evans-Fecci, a self-taught home baker, lucky enough to be a contestant on 2019’s Great British Bake Off and star baker of cake week. I live in the seaside town of Tenby in Wales with my husband, teenage son and our little whippet Rosie. I’m a real “foodie” so love spending time in the kitchen, and enjoy nothing more than inspiring people to bake. I love long walks on the beach, baking with my son and spending quality time with my family.

I first fell in love with baking as a young girl watching my mum create traditional bakes at home. I bake almost every other day, whether it’s a simple loaf for breakfast or something sweet for dessert. I love experimenting with flavour combinations and using seasonal local produce throughout the year, including fruits, vegetables and edible flowers from our garden.
I like my bakes to be precise and finessed, and always take time to make sure they look as good as they taste.

My all-time favourite thing to bake is the prinsesstårta cake. This cake is a family favourite and I make it every year for my husband’s Birthday. I love changing the jam flavour according to what’s in season.

My mum always used Homepride growing up, and it’s been my flour of choice ever since. The great British brand and quality and consistency of their flours are excellent, and who doesn’t love a flour that’s neatly boxed that you don’t need to sift?! 


I first learned to bake as a small child, when my mother taught me to make rock cakes and flapjacks around the kitchen table. Growing up I loved making cakes and biscuits for my family, and would save them all the prettiest ones, and hide the ugly ones in my tummy!

Whilst I’ve always enjoyed baking, having a family of my own really inspired me to improve my skills further; so many of my happy childhood memories revolve around food, and I wanted to make sure that I could share that with my children.

Baking has always been a passion of mine because I find it relaxing and enjoyable to be creative with food. It’s also a wonderful way to make other people happy - your creations are always well received, which makes all the effort feel totally worthwhile.

I love Homepride flour because I know it’s a safe choice; the quality of the the flour is consistently excellent. I especially love the fact the flour's boxed  - because of the sturdiness of the packaging the flour is never compacted, and of course, it's pre-sifted so I don't need to waste time with a sieve!

Dolly Bakes

My name's Rachel and I blog at www.dollybakes.co.uk. If I'm not eating food, I'm cooking, baking or plotting a visit to somewhere new. I was taught to bake by my grandma as a child, but usually stuck to buns and Chorley cakes for my family. I love a challenge, and about five years ago set about my quest to perfect the Bundt cake. I've been dreaming up weird and wild Bundt cake recipes ever since! I adore bundts because they are hugely versatile, are super moist, there's a tin for all occasions, and they are massive! The perfect cake starts with good ingredients, which is why I use Homepride flour; for the same reason I think cooking chocolate should be banned!

Farley Berry

Farley Berry

I'm Farley Berry, proud owner of Lady Berry Cupcake Decorating School in SW London.

I've always been an uber-creative person with a love of people so I turned my baking hobby into a job and now I have the best job in the world! I get to teach adults and children how to create beautiful, intricate and super cute cupcakes building their confidence and finding a creativity they didn't know they had!

As I see my cupcakes as miniature pieces of art work I want them to taste incredible also, so for me, using the best products I can is important. Homepride flour helps me to create the perfect light, fluffy and soft cupcakes that my customers and students love. My favourite cake? You can't beat a good old chocolate cake.

Robbie Hedges

Hi! I was one of the finalist of Junior Bake Off 2021, I live in Bristol, United Kingdom. I am the youngest person on the committee at my local village fete where I help organise the annual raffle. 

Baking is my passion and my favourite things to bake are: Cinnamon Buns, Salted Caramel and various different types of pastry.

Fyn French

I got into cooking by creating grand bakes with his surrogate grandmother once a week. I entered the Junior Bake Off on a whim and did not think would have ever got as far as making it on the show. Ravneet Gill, Liam Charles and Harry Hill were really enthusiastic about my bakes and encouraged me to keep going. 

After the Junior Bake Off, I wanted to use the platform to help other children learn to cook as I think it's important every child can make a healthy, quick and cheap meal.

People say I am very creative and artistic. I love drawing and painting, and I watch all the creative TV shows from Glow Up to Ru Paul's Drag Race.

Richard Burr

I'm Richard Burr, the Builder turned Baker who reached the final of the Great British Bake Off in 2014, earning a record five Star Baker awards in the process. My first recipe book, B.I.Y. Bake It Yourself, was published in 2015 and I write a weekly blog with recipes at www.richardburr.london. I bake for three main reasons. Firstly, I really enjoy the process of baking and find it really relaxing. Secondly, I really enjoy giving bakes to other people - there's nothing like seeing those happy smiles when you present someone with a box of fresh doughnuts. Thirdly, I'm really greedy!

I use Homepride flour because I get through kilos of flour every week so always need a lot of it to hand. Their easy-seal boxes mean I can stack them in the cupboard without worrying about ripped bags and spilt flour. The boxes also make them really easy to transport for the many cooking demos I undertake around the country.

I'm quite a faddy baker and will spend a couple of weeks making variations of the same bake until I've perfected it, then move on to the next. At the moment, I'm really into making fancy breads, but next week it could just as easily be cronuts! There isn't a type of baking I don't enjoy making so I keep it varied between bread, cakes, biscuits, pastry, puddings. It's a good job I'm still a builder as well as it means I can work it all off too!

Dominic Franks

My name is Dominic, I am a cook, food writer and creative event producer. I write the food blog Belleau Kitchen and a monthly recipe column for Lincolnshire Life Magazine. I also run creative event production company The Persuaders, producing global events for brands since 1997.

I am based both in the small village of Belleau in Lincolnshire and the smaller village of London! I love to bake and have had this love of baking since I was a kid where my mum and her mum, my Grandma Jennie, inspired me to bake with their glorious cakes.

I love Homepride flours not just for the quality and consistency of the product but also because I love that they are a traditional British brand with a great heritage.

Paul Jagger

Paul Jagger

I'm Paul Jagger and I was a quarterfinalist on The Great British Bake Off 2015. I've earnt myself the nickname ‘ The Baking Governor’ as I'm also a serving Prison Governor.

I am a totally self –taught baker with a passion for baking Bread and cake decorating. Breads have become a real passion and I continue to demonstrate and do master-classes in bread making. It is great to see so many home bread bakers out there keeping bread making a tradition passed down the generations. I was honoured to have received the only Special Commendation for my edible Bread Lion sculpture whilst on the Bake Off and I'll be a judge for this year's World Bread Awards. I've also made brownies for Princess Anne when she visited the prison!

I have used Homepride Flour since I was a child - we even had a Homepride Fred flour tin! I am excited to use the new Homepride Bread Flour at home and when I do commissions and demonstrations in bread.

Absolutely Muffin

My name's Nicola, author of the blog Absolutely Muffin. I'm a cake enthusiast, with an addiction to good coffee and laughing at my own jokes. I love all things food, from spending my weekends at different food festivals and farmers markets, to discovering a new coffee spot in town.

I think Bake Off changed my life. Like most bakers, my love of baking cake (and most importantly, eating it) comes from my family. From unicorns to chocolate gateau's, Mum made it every birthday and my Grandmother makes cakes as a side business - her Pinterest is also better than mine. Whilst they were my inspiration and the result of my very sweet tooth, I only really took a great interest in baking three years ago as it proved a great stress relief from a career I wasn't particularly enjoying. I have no regrets though, because it helped me discover my true passion, CAKE.

Fred is a staple in any household and I've made my way through a lot of flour to know that Homepride is my preferred and trusted choice.

My favourite cake is my Dad's Chocolate Orange loaf cake! Yep, he's a baker too.

Baking Nana

I am Jackie Heaton from Manchester. I bake because it’s the best hobby ever and a lot of my bakes are for charity so its a lovely feeling to be able to help with something I love doing and also because I love spending time baking with my granddaughter Maggie. I grew up with Homepride and as they say don’t change what doesn’t need fixing! My favourite cake to make is a giant cupcake- I love decorating them!

Mat Riley

Mat Riley

I'm Mat Riley. I split my time between being a dad, a fire fighter and baker!

I first started to bake as I found it a really great way to relax whilst not at the fire station. The more interested I got in baking the more seriously I took it. It’s the ultimate passion as baking has no end, there’s always new recipes to try and techniques to master! I use Homepride because it’s the best of British and as it’s pre sieved it saves me time!!

I think my favourite cake to bake is also my favourite cake to eat, carrot cake. It was one of the first proper cakes I mastered and it's an absolute crowd pleaser!

Sarah Sibley

My name is Sarah Sibley and I am a baker, cake artist, blogger & baking writer based in Winchester, Hampshire. I set up my blog: www.bakewithsarah.com at the end of 2014 and have been creating recipes and tutorials ever since. I also write for a number of baking and cake magazines as well as demonstrating at cake shows such as Cake International.

I bake because I really enjoy it, especially creating new recipes and flavour combinations. Luckily my husband and kids are always happy to be taste testers! I grew up with Homepride when I used to bake with my Mum as a child. I have tried various other makes over the years, but none of them have ever persuaded me to change from Homepride. Even though I’ve spent years coming up with weird and wonderful flavours, for me you still can’t beat a good old lemon drizzle cake!

Britt Whyatt

I'm Britt Whyatt AKA She Who Bakes. Baker, Blogger, Recipe Developer, Author, Presenter, Sugarcraft & Baking Tutor, International Public Speaker & Mental Health Advocate.

I started baking in 2010 when I was recovering from an operation and when I had severe depression and social anxiety. Baking made me happier than anything I had ever done. I loved it and baked every day! In fact, I never stopped. Baking has saved my life and I absolutely love the joy and creativity of it all. And eating cakes too, of course!

Homepride is a great flour to work with that produces soft cakes and tasty bakes. Its 100% British wheat is also a great plus!

My favourite cake is a nice, zesty lemon drizzle cake with fondant icing and jelly lemon slices!

Kate Lyon

Kate Lyon

I'm Kate Lyon and I was a finalist and runner-up in last season's Great British Bake Off. I live and work in Liverpool and when I'm not baking or cooking I enjoy holidays, finding new places, walking my golden retriever Noah and having a cocktail (or three.) I love food and being creative so experimenting and making things you can't buy in the shops is all what it's about for me.

Baking for others is also a nice way to show you care. Plus I wouldn't be able to fit into my jeans if I ate everything I baked myself. So I have to give it away! Almost everything baked contains flour and when I think of flour, I think Homepride! You can't go wrong with it as a brand, you know your bake will turn out well when you use good quality ingredients. So for me, I always use Homepride flour in my bakes.

Picking my favourite bake is difficult! It's like being asked to name your favourite song - I guess it depends what mood I'm in. I'd say a good homemade sourdough fresh out the oven is up there. I love making bread but then I do love a sticky toffee pudding! I can't pick!! Both!!!